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Microchipz Products

Microchipz is a YouTube content creator and maker of modification boards for popular Vintage CB radios.

Products include - Cybernet PLL02a/g channel expansion , PLL02a/g replacement.

Uniden Cobra Superstar Jackson channel expansion boards for the MC145106 PLL and the MB8719 PLL.

Replacement VCO units for Cybernet CB radios , ranging from standard VCO ( green block ) replacement

to VCO's with build in voltage feed and for the PTBM059 board a FM audio improvement built in.

Roger Beeps - End of transmission tones ranging from a single tone , K tone , 5 tone

and the classic Hygain V peewit beep.

Orders can be made direct by email or via the Facebook group.

Use the contact at the top of this page or email microchipzyt at (changing at to @)

"Please ensure the radio is fully working and aligned before commencing work".

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